Joplin RC Club

 We at the Joplin RC Club would like to welcome you to our site.  We have been a active club for at least 20 years and with a bit of luck will be around much longer than 20 more. We currently have about 30 members give or take and most of us fly at least once or twice a week.  We fly everything from Large scale 40% Gas to small electric and hold no reservations on size of aircraft.

 We generally hold 3 to 4 scheduled events every year to help raise funds to run and maintain the field, and we will be updating these events on the calender every year.

 The City of Joplin Has been very helpfull to our club and currently lets us use the old city landfill site for our flight line, wich works very nice.  Because of this we do require everyone that flys posess AMA insurance, or be under instruction with a qualified pilot. 

General Information for The Joplin R/C Club AMA #3033

 The Club field is located on the west side of Joplin just north of the intersection of Black Cat Rd and Belle Center Rd. Monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the field except during winter months. Meetings generally begin at 7 P.M.

Club Officers for 2015

President Jai Yarnell



Treasurer: Charles Lord

Safety Coordinator:  Roy Martin  





Where we are!

View Larger MapFrom I-44 head N on Rangeline Road to 7th Street. Turn Left and head W to Blackcat Road. Turn Right on Blackcat and head N to Belle Center Road. Make the jog and turn back onto Blackcat and the first Right turn at the red gates is the entrance to the field.



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